Wander Detection

SafeTracker offers solutions that have been developed to ensure that people can remain living at home longer and that care institutions can offer their patients the right support.

We offer various features, including:

Online Portal
Safe zones (Geofences)
Alert notifications with apps for third parties

Our platform and solutions can be integrated with almost all reception centres of emergency centres such as the UMO from Verklizan. The devices that we offer for this application are:

Fall detection

With the BlueLine Fall Detection you can ensure your clients more safety. As soon as a fall is detected, the caregiver will receive a notification and take the necessary action.


By using the BlueLine Fall Detection System you ensure:

More safety for your clients
Reduction of work pressure for the caregiver

Flexible and future-proof fall detection system

With the BlueLine fall detection, patients are safe and they can keep their freedom. Do you also want the independence, dignity, privacy and freedom of your clients or loved ones to be guaranteed for as long as possible? Please contact us about the BlueLine Fall Detection.